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Love it!

It's so beautiful a mermaid on the front

I love the tumblers from Mountains and Mermaids, and the shirt fits great and is a beautiful color.

I love the graphics! The size is perfect for my morning coffee!

Absolutely love this mug!! It’s becoming my favorite to use! Now I just need another for when this one is dirty

This coffee is very good

Siren's Brew Guatemalan Organic Medium Roast
Grace Rubalcava I love their Brews , The Guatemalan Brew! (Concord, US)
Awesome Taste

Love their Coffee

Great tasting coffee

Black Harbor T-Shirt (Chalky Mint)
Nichole Jost (Wasilla, US)
Great shirts

Absolutely love my new black harbor shirt. Awesome addition to my mountains and mermaids collection

Love this tumbler. It saves my ice from melting on even the hottest day and it is pretty too. Thank you

Sample pack

Shipping was quick, the coffee is great! But I like the kraken the best:)

Love it!

Love this mug! Morning coffee in this

LOVE this shirt. It’s done a good job protecting me from the sun while on the water.

Get Off My Tail Storm Warning Blend Organic
Scott Fentons out (Wolcottville, US)
Great Ladirs:GreatCompany:Awesome coffee

I first bought from you because I read of the issue of Starbucks taking you to court. It’s bogus. I wanted to support you. I’ll continue to buy because of the quality of your roast.

Mystery Pottery Mug

Absolutely love the cup!

Kraken Adventure Decal
Mandy Mcinerney (Nashville, US)
Kraken decal

Love it bigger then I expected

Beautiful!!! Great company! Wonderful customer service!!! Definitely recommend 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️

Love the cups and the coffee. It is my go to coffee cup 💕

Mountain Mermaid Performance Sun Shirt
Ashlen Bruesch (Key Largo, US)
Protect your skin in style!

The Mountains and Mermaids Sun Shirt combines eye-catching style with high performance, making it a great choice for those who value both aesthetics and functionality in their outdoor apparel. Its excellent sun protection, comfort, and durability make it a worthwhile investment for any outdoor enthusiast.

I usually drink dark roast

I love the flavor of this coffee! I am surprised because I usually drink dark roasts. There are not many medium roasts I actually enjoy. They are usually not strong enough or don’t have much of a coffee flavor for me, but Siren’s Brew is amazing! It’s smooth and has a great flavor. I will continue to buy this roast and Kraken (dark roast)! I absolutely love everything I’ve gotten from this whimsical small business and I cannot wait to get more mermaid merch and coffee! ☕️🧜‍♀️💕

I absolutely LOVE my new hoodie! I was hoping I ordered it large enough that it would have a bit of room in it, & it's perfect! This is my 5th hoodie from them, & I've been very happy with all of my purchases. Their products are wonderful & the customer service is too. I highly recommend all of their products. Thanks so much ladies!

Love the mug AND the coffee!!!

Get Off My Tail Sticker

I love this company! The mugs are awesome and the messaging is good. The sticker is super cute.

This is my favorite flavor of all the coffees that these ladies make. The mug is beautiful keeps the coffee hot and doesn’t leak all over my car while I’m driving!