Get Off My Tail Storm Warning Blend Organic

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Get Off My Tail: Storm Warning Blend Organic

Get Off My Tail: Storm Warning Blend – a small batch roasted coffee blend with a purpose that extends beyond the cup. This roast represents the storm warning to save small businesses from a world dominated by the hurricane of corporate goliaths. In the eye of the storm this blend stands as a beacon of hope, a flavorful reminder of the importance of supporting local and independent businesses across America.

Get Off My Tail: Storm Warning Blend is an organic fusion of handpicked beans sourced from the lush landscapes of Central America and Western South America. Each bag of Get Off My Tail Coffee can make a difference, and that's why we meticulously selected beans from small-scale farmers who pour their passion into their craft.
We believe that the heartbeat of America lies in its small businesses, the mom-and-pop stores and local shops that weave character and soul into every community across the country. Our statement, "Save Small Businesses From Corporate Greed" is a reminder that in a world of conglomerates and faceless entities, the power of change lies in each sip we take and each decision we make.

NET WT 12oz (340g)


A smooth and intoxicating roast with notes of spiced peach, toffee, mild hazelnut and a sweet vanilla body.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
John Urbanyi (Amarillo, US)
Awesome smooth coffee

Love the “Get Off My Tail” blend. It’s taste great and is very smooth.


Great coffee. Perfect for whatever time in the day. I stopped buying Starbucks. I think what they are doing to Mountains and Mermaids is horrendous. I love this coffee and I will support them!