Siren's Brew Guatemalan Medium Roast - Whole Bean

Siren's Brew Guatemalan Medium Roast - Whole Bean

Every siren needs her morning coffee before a day of wrecking ships and drowning men!  The Siren's Brew Guatemalan Organic Medium Roast 



this single-origin  Guatemalan bean guarantees the best possible aroma and flavor to hit your favorite mug. Roasted in small batches to ensure an even and glorious medium roast that will appease even the most vengeful of sea gods.  


A smooth medium roast with tones of spiced peach, chocolate, mild hazelnut and mild cherry with a creamy body. 

NET WT 16OZ (1lb) 453g

Customer Reviews

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Best coffee ☕

We have tried tons and tons of different types of coffee from all over and we weren't really happy with any of them. Finally we tried this one and we use it in our espresso machine. Its the only coffee we use now. My husband and I love it so much. We love that it's also organic and a good price point!

Amazing Coffee!

This is my second order of Siren’s Brew coffee beans. It’s great coffee and the shipping is always done so quickly. Plus I love supporting a small Alaskan business.

Side note: this coffee is way better than Starbucks any day! 😉


We really enjoy our coffee in the mornings as the sun comes up. And will be ordering more in the future. Amazing job on your coffee!


Truth be told, I don’t like the taste of coffee. But this coffee is SOOO GOOD! There’s no lingering bitter aftertaste. This is now my second order because it’s the only coffee I really like! Thank you for whatever unicorn magic you put in this coffee. If you’re not sure you’ll like this coffer, just take the plunge and get it. Worth my $$ to have it shipped across the country to CT!❤️❤️❤️

Great Tasting Coffee

I've followed Mountains and Mermaids on Instagram and have always wanted to get something from their cute shop, especially since it involved coffee, mermaids and mountains! I bought their whole bean Sirens Brews and have enjoyed it immensely! I've loved being able to have it served as a hot and cold brew. I would recommend this brand to anyone wanting to support a great business dedicated to quality coffee! I will be buying again once my bag is gone.