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Vintage Mermaid Midweight Hoodie Dress

Vintage Mermaid Midweight Hoodie Dress

She told the seashell her story. Whispering every secret her memories held. Then she laid the shell at the ocean's edge and watched the tide pick it up and carry it out to sea...trusting her secrets with the mermaid in the deep. When we read this quote we picture our timeless vintage mermaid. She has a look all her own that speaks to her classy elegance as wearable art. She is printed to curve up the right side of the back, wrapping around to give a rare look to this hoodie dress. The left sleeve is adorned with our Mountains & Mermaids logo for the perfect finishing touch. This hoodie with a twist was created to be ultimate in all things cozy, with a stylish silhouette, crossover neck, and thumbholes. Gorgeously unique, just like our vintage mermaid!

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